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Your well-being deserves the top spot. Because with an hour of you-time, you’re better equipped to conquer the rest of that to-do list. Whether you're looking to cleanse, hydrate, or renew your skin, our skincare experts will give you that glow and leave you more radiant than ever.

Consider a massage as your fast track to total well-being. Massage therapy boasts benefits from better sleep to stronger athletic performance. You’ll melt away tension and leave deeply relaxed.  When is the last time you did something for you?

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It is one of the quickest, gentlest, and most noninvasive anti-aging treatments. It uses a mechanical tool to suction away dead and damaged cells from the top layer of your skin. Your skin is left fresh and glowing!

Stimulates cellular turnover
Improves complexion
Unclogs pores
Diminishes dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars
Increases blood flow to aid in healing blemishes
Allows skincare products to penetraitt deeper
Softens fine lines
Enhances circulation and lymph drainage



a low risk, painless, exfoliation treatment that helps improve the appearance of your skin.

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Foot Reflexology:
Definition- a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body.
If sensitivity or tenderness is experienced when area is stimulated, it usually indicates bodily weaknesses or imbalances within the corresponding organ. With repeated pressure and manipulation or nerve endings, reflexology can help to clear any channels of blocked energy by, moving the flow of blood,
nutrients and nerve impulses.

Foot Massage vs. Reflexology
Foot Massage- manipulation of tissues to relax the muscles, relieve tension and improve circulation.
Reflexology- uses a targeted, pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the body

A system of Massage used to relieve tension and treat illness.

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Cleanse the body of toxins
Boost the immune system and boosts fertility
Increase circulation and promote healing
Promote healing and helps in relaxation (better sleep)
Alleviates swelling (edema)
Improves mood and fights depression

Pregnancy (due to possible miscarriage)
Contagious skin disease (Impetigo, Chicken Pox, Mumps)
Skin conditions (Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis)
Severe Varicose Veins
Any form of infection, disease or fever
Athlete's foot
Recent fractures (minimum 3 months)


Deep Tissue Massage
This is a massage technique that's mainly used for muscles that feel strained. This involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. 

Swedish Massage
This stress-relieving Swedish massage incorporates long gliding strokes to relax individual muscles while the overall experience alleviates mental tension.

Hot Stone Massage
The warmth and weight of hot stones is gently applied to your muscles, melting away tension, increasing circulation, and allowing for a deeper, more therapeutic massage.

the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain.

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Dermalogica BioActive Peel
BioActive Peel is a powerful skin resurfacing system from the skin health experts at Dermalogica.  It helps reduce acne, pigmentation and signs of premature aging to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin. Your skin will be analyzed to assess the suitability of bioactive peel for your skin condition and desired results.  This peel can be tailored by your skin care professional to treat the following skin concerns:

Skin Roughness
Signs of photodamage
Fine lines and wrinkles
Acne breakouts
Skin congestion
Some forms of pigmentation and unbalanced skin tone

Chemical peels are one of the most popular professional skin care services today because they can improve the quality, and texture of the skin.  But they can also produce severe side effects such as inflammation, discoloration and scarring for up to several months. With BioActive Peel, you get the same powerful results without the associated risks of downtime.  Your skin will look and feel healthier than ever!

manual exfoliation of dead skin cells.  Removes peach fuzz and surface debris with custom dermaplaning blade.

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